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HYDAC is your competent partner for all projects related to fluid technology in connection with hydraulics, automation and control, process and engineering.

The company also provides an on-site reliability audit program, cleanliness solutions for oil and fuel, calibration services, engineering advice, bespoke design and drawings, hydraulic services, technical training, predictive maintenance and Industry 4.0 solutions.

Founded in 1963

as a company for hydraulic accumulators and today an internationally active group


Over 9,000 employees

500+ sales and service partners worldwide

50+ overseas subsidiaries

We are particularly proud to be an innovation and solutions partner to global energy efficiency and emerging technology providers of hydrogen, solar, battery and wind energy.

Made in Germany

Australian and New Zealand branches

Mission statement

HYDAC Australia and New Zealand is blessed by the fruit of other members of our group’s hard work, innovation and diligent endeavours to continuously build and develop quality and leading-edge technology products.

Our group is acknowledged as a development partner for many leading manufacturers in a broad range of industries worldwide. We are particularly proud to be an innovation and solutions partner to global energy efficiency and emerging technology providers of hydrogen, solar, battery and wind energy.

Our goal is to bring these products, technologies and innovations as well as application “know-how” to our customers quickly, efficiently and always with exceptional service and support. In this way we strive to add to and complete the supply package of products and services required by our customers to succeed in their businesses.

We seek to differentiate our company in the market and give back to industry by providing specialised, modern training modules and packages to enhance the technical capabilities demanded in a fast-changing market. We also work with a number of universities to provide expert engineering specialty packages to enhance their offering to students.

Our investment continues with development of virtual reality and augmented reality solutions for both training and system support, always striving for safer and more effective solutions to ensure reliability and total system life management support.

We know that the difference customers need to see and feel is both product and people-related. We therefore concentrate great effort on providing a safe and motivating work environment for our staff, continuously training our people to provide superior service and support, whether technical, logistic or commercial. We also build and maintain systems within the company to ensure our customers receive the requisite information to best choose and apply our products as well as the necessary support to maintain and optimise product usage.

It is the synergy achieved through the combination of service excellence, quality products and technical support that differentiates HYDAC from the competition and provides our customers with the “value for money” required to see us as a partner in their businesses. This is our key to success and ensures our constant development in harmony with the market.

MARK G. KEEN Managing Director


ISO 9001

The first Australian hydraulic, motion and control company certified to the new ISO 9001:2015.

Local capabilities

Our products are locally designed, engineered, manufactured and tested.


Our branches


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