Laboratory and calibration

HYDAC works side-by-side with customers, offering a reliable oil analysis and calibration service in our Melbourne laboratory.

Locally we provide ISO particle count, water saturation, patch test and calibration of online particle sensors.

We also undertake regular calibration of test equipment, with the process traceable to national measurement standards and the results documented and certified, to guarantee that measurement takes place accurately under controlled parameters.

Calibration of CS Contamination Sensor 1000 and FCU Fluid Control Unit (1000 and 2000) is second nature to us.

On-site reliability audit program


Oil and gas


Hydro power

Service centres

HYDAC has a network of authorised service partners that anticipate your needs, take their responsibilities seriously and supply a quality service.

By working with our service partners we can offer you a complete service package, with individual solutions developed according to your requirements. Our range of services use maintenance and inspection procedures which help increase the useful life of hydraulic plant lubrication systems and electro-hydraulic controls. As to our worldwide service team, it offers repairs, installation, commissioning, maintenance and troubleshooting on-site and coordinated by qualified servicing staff.


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