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We provide practical and nationally recognised training courses on a variety of topics at HYDAC training centres in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney and Auckland. The objective of these courses is to ensure that our employees, service partners and end users have the knowledge and confidence they need to meet the increasing demands of their chosen vocations.


This course provides an introduction to industrial and mobile oil hydraulic systems.

A$ 1,720.00


Gain skill in understanding, troubleshooting and maintaining modern oil hydraulic systems.

A$ 1,290.00


Gain a high level of detail on the functions of common hydraulic components.

A$ 1,290.00


Gain a deeper understanding of hydraulic maintenance and system troubleshooting.

A$ 1,290.00


This course provides an understanding of proportional electro-hydraulic technology.

A$ 1,720.00

Online training...

HYDAC online training centre



Customised training...

HYDAC provides customised training solutions to organisations.

An example is the hydraulic course we recently put together for Allis-Gleaner Corporation (AGCO), a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of agriculture solutions.

AGCO recognises the importance of continuous learning in its quest to ensure that its employees and dealers have the requisite knowledge to keep ahead of the competition.

The course – which was structured around AGCO tractor circuits, Massey Ferguson and Fendt – has been a success, with several of the corporation’s employees and dealers still attending it.

If you’d like a customised course for your organisation, contact us at or call 1300 449 322.

Virtual Reality training...

HYDAC Australia, a leader in fluid power technology, has partnered with Deakin Motion Lab to create a stunning Virtual Training environment that overcomes geographic barriers and coronavirus social-distancing requirements.

The cutting-edge virtual reality training technology allows, for the first time, students and trainers in different locations to virtually come together and interact in real time in a bespoke, virtual training space.

It allows direct interaction with the equipment, real-time instruction, feedback, verification of skills, and more.

The unique possibility to educate, teach new skills and verify safe working practices for workers at home or located in different geographical locations means training can continue and even be improved upon in this travel-restricted time.


HYDAC has been recognised for the second year consecutively as an ABA100 winner in The Australian Business Awards 2020 for Training Excellence.

The Australian Business Awards – now in its fifteenth year – provides notable opportunities for high-performing organisations to be acknowledged and honoured for their implementation of world-class business initiatives and development of innovative products and services.

National winners are benchmarked in the international chapter of the program at The World Business Awards whereby participants are provided with the opportunity to benchmark themselves against top performers globally.

Professional graduate program...

HYDAC Australia employs several graduate engineers every year to form part of its Professional Graduate Program which trains and develops them into industry professionals within two to three years.

The program has a clear pathway, with graduates commencing in technical sales, developing soft skills and then participating in a rotation plan to spend quality time in every department.

The graduates are required to attend a series of internal technical training courses at HYDAC’s training centre. When they have completed these courses they will be pioneers of the fluid power industry with expert skills and knowledge.

HYDAC also provides a facility tour and innovation day to engineering students to give them a chance to learn more about the company and what it has to offer. The most recent tours were undertaken for Swinburne, Victoria University, Deakin, RMIT and University of Melbourne students.


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