Why HYDAC mixed reality?

The top three challenges businesses face today in regard to training staff


Training staff in a time of restricted movement is difficult. To overcome this our mixed reality training is accessible anytime and anywhere through virtual reality.


Training people on dangerous equipment poses a major safety risk to industry today. This is where a virtual world presents an ideal solution in that photo-realistic items can be learned, disassembled, reassembled, and adjusted without an iota of threat to the trainee or equipment.

Field support

Field technician support on the job is an easy task. This is due to an augmented reality headset camera enabling a remote supervisor or master technician to see what the trainee sees, to visually and verbally assist and support, and finally to verify completion of all required actions and tasks.

The solution

It all begins with mixed reality - a technology so unique and revolutionary it seems like a sci-fi dream. But the good news is that … it’s real and you can have it NOW!

So open yourself up to a HYDAC mixed reality journey that embarks you on an amazing new world of on-demand VR training, instructor-guided VR training, and infield real-time assistance.


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